Thursday, July 26, 2012

Picking Flowers for the Wedding Ceremony

When choosing flowers for your wedding ceremony be sure to take into account whether it's to be held indoors or out.

An outdoor ceremony makes possible a whole range of choices that will be different from one performed inside. For example, a garden ceremony may well provide a supply of decorative and fragrant flowers already. There may be a need only to supplement them with small stands and to choose something for the bouquet and corsages.

Some outdoor venues can benefit from a few other items. A chuppah or outdoor altar looks beautiful when decorated with vining flowers such as Morning Glories. An aisle formed by the guests chairs will look lovely when the chairs sport some Snapdragon or Lavender or Anemones. A trellis that holds Hydrangea or Black-Eyed Susan vines will add immeasurably to the decor.

But outdoor venues differ a lot. A beach-themed wedding that takes place at an actual beach may already have palm trees and lush greenery. Still, a few Hawaiian leis are never amiss. By contrast, a spring ceremony at the edge of a forest can be made even more stunning by adding a few Tansy or Wild Rose stands here and there.

Indoor ceremonies have their own special needs.

The pews will look terrific when the ends display Delphiniums or Freesias. An attendant's table at the entrance is the perfect place for a table vase or standing vase that shows off some Bird of Paradise or Gerbera Daisies.

Winter ceremonies represent the perfect opportunity to let creativity bloom. Because few natural species blossom during that time of year, hothouse or artificial flowers dominate.

Hothouse flowers run the gamut, but any of the thousands of Orchid species are a great option. Dendrobium aphyllum shine under these circumstances with their delicate, blue star-shaped petals. The Cattleya aclandiae, sporting yellow and brown spots highlighted by a bright pink center, will lend any indoor ceremony an exotic air.

Artificial flowers can help greatly for Winter, or at any time of the year. They provide an option to dress up the venue when blooms of a desired type simply aren't available. Naturally occurring Fall flowers can be emulated for a Spring ceremony. Something which would cost an arm and a leg in Summer can be produced at a reduced price for a ceremony held in any season.

When planning your ceremony, and debating between an indoor or outdoor venue, take into account your floral arrangements. Then let Heather's Grower Direct deliver some beautiful options whichever time and place you choose.

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