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Saturday, January 19, 2013

Preparing For Valentines Day


Another year has gone by and already Valentine’s Day has arrived. On February 14 millions of people worldwide will flock to the shops to buy Valentine’s Day gifts for their loved ones, shower them with flowers and spend a romantic evening together. Flowers are the most popular choice for a Valentine’s Day gift for many reasons; they symbolize beauty and romance, and they capture the spirit of the holiday.

Have you given any thought over what kind of flowers you are going to send this Valentine’s Day? Every flower has a secret meaning and history, giving some thought to the flower you choose this year is not only fun, but lets your significant other know that you care enough about them to put in the time and effort to do so.

There is more than one history of the origins of Valentine’s Day. The difficulty is that there have been several saints named Valentine, it is hard to pinpoint exactly which Saint the holiday takes it traditions from. The most popular story lends itself to a St Valentine of Roman times. When marriage was banned, Emperor Claudius II deemed it as distracting to young soldiers, Valentine married lovers in secret. Jailed and eventually executed for his acts, Valentine’s last act was to leave a letter and a red rose for his secret love, the jailer’s daughter. Red roses have since been a symbol of love, passion and romance.

You don’t need to stick with tradition this Valentine’s Day when ordering your flowers online. Carnations represent longing and heartache, if you’re missing a long distance love then having a beautiful bunch delivered to their door is a great way to let them know that they are in your thoughts. The iris stands for friendship and wisdom, if you have a friend and you would like them to know you care about them, they always make a good choice

Like many holidays, Valentine’s Day is one that we honor the traditions we have learned and observed over time. Although there are many versions on the origins of Valentine’s Day, the same themes continue appearing. Love, courage and dedication shine through every tale of Valentine’s Day. This year when you give your own valentine a gift, let the true nature of the spirit of Valentine ring true. Give gifts with true thought behind them; shower them with flowers, write love letters and treasure every moment you can with the one you love.