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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Making Rose Potpourri


Enjoy the gift of roses throughout the year, by adding a delightful fragrance to every room in your home! 

  • Collect The Rose Petals after the flower has fully opened but before they turn brown.
  • Dry them on any flat surface, a cookie sheet would work well. 
  • Place the flowers on a single layer. Do not pack them tightly together or on top of each other or they will decompose. It takes about one week to be completely dried out. 
  • For every liter of petals you collect add 1 tablespoon of herbs (sandalwood, oak moss or dry lavender are good choices) 
  • Add a little spice. (cinnamon, nutmeg, cloves, dried orange peels, etc) 
  • Lastly, add a few drops of essential oil (an aroma additive) or, if you prefer, try your favorite perfume.
  • Seal the mixture in a jar, and let it sit for about two weeks. Give the jar a gentle shake every day. 
  • An easy way to make a rose potpourri sachet is to place a small handful of the fragrant mixture in a lace or linen handkerchief or other delicate fabric and tie the four corners with a satin bow or ribbon.  

There are many uses for this fragrant potpourri. Add it to the stuffing of pillows or hang it in pomanders in your closet. Use small sachets can be used in drawers. It makes a thoughtful gifts for friends and loved ones!

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Flowers & The Zodiac



Dec 21st - Jan 19th

The Chrysanthemum

Often called "mums", the chrysanthemum was first discovered in China, it can be found as a large inspiration in Asian art. Although the chrysanthemum has many meanings within different cultures, the primary meaning and symbolism behind this beautiful flower is Truth.


Jan 20th - Feb 18th

The Daffodil

The daffodil carries the meaning Chivalry. An elegant, hardy flower, the daffodil is native to Europe, North Africa and Asia. 


Feb 19th - March 20th

The Freesia

The freesia stems from Africa, and is a very popular design choice for gardens. The freesia is also very fragrant, and it's scent is widely used for lotions, soaps and candles. This upbeat flower means Spirited, and is true to it's name.


March 21st - April 20th

The Tulip

With more than 109 species, the tulip is one of the most common flowers in the world. As such a diverse flower, the tulip carries several meanings, depending on the colour. A pink tulip means Caring, a purple tulip symbolizes Royalty, a red tulip is a declaration of True Love, a white tulip is for Forgiveness, and a yellow tulip means you are Hopelessly In Love. 


April 21st - May 19th

The Iris 

Iris is Greek for rainbow, which is suiting for it's burst of colour. The iris is a perennial flower (meaning it returns anually, after being planted) and truly sparks the meaning of Inspiration.


May 20th - June 20th 

The Alstroemeria

Often called the peruvian lily, the alstroemeria is native to South America. They are perennial blooms, and are one of the longest lasting fresh cut flower species, it's no wonder that alstroemeria means Aspiring.


June 21st - July 21st

The Rose

The rose is the most commonly recognized flower in the world, with over 100 species year round, it is a staple for floral arrangements and bouquets. The ultimate symbol of romance, it's so surprise that the rose stands for Love.


July 22nd - Aug 21st

The Carnation

The carnation is a very common choice for weddings and holidays such as Mother's Day. Their meanings vary depending on the colour of the carnation, but as a whole they generally represent Fascination.


Aug 22nd - Sep 22nd

The Gladiolus

The gladiolus is derived from the latin word gladius, meaning sword. A very fragrant flower, the gladiolus also survives many climates. The gladiolus speaks to one's Strength of Character.


Sep 23rd - Oct 22nd

The Dahlia

The dahlia comes from Mexico, Central America and Columbia. They come in a variety of bright hues, except blue. The Dahlia is one of the most common garden flowers, and symbolizes Dignity.


Oct 23rd - Nov 21st

The Gerbera Daisy

The gerbera daisy is bound to make anyone smile, they come in such a vast variety of colours, they are sure to please. So suited that the gerbera daisy symbolizes Cheerfulness.


Nov 22nd - Dec 20th

The Anemone

There are over 120 species of anemone, and they can be found in purple or white colours, but are sometimes seen in red or pink. Anemones are a very popular choice for weddings and are a strong symbol for Fragility.