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Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Making a candy cane Christmas wreath

These Christmas wreaths look good enough to eat! Fortunately, there are more than enough sweets to go around during the holidays.

Candy-Coated Christmas Wreath

You will have visions of sugarplums dancing in your head when you make this sparkling holiday wreath. Assorted miniature fruit, berries, and mint candy canes glisten with a "candy coating" of diamond dust. This evergreen wreath will bring out the child in all of us. 

Here's what you'll need:
  • Small artist's paintbrush
  • 54 pieces artificial fruit on wire picks
  • White craft glue
  • Diamond dust or opalescent glitter
  • 2 stems red berries
  • 2 dozen plastic candy canes
  • Artificial pine wreath, 14 inches
  • Hot glue gun, glue sticks
To construct a Candy-Coated Christmas wreath:

  • Using small artist's paintbrush, coat each piece of fruit with glue. Sprinkle diamond dust over fruit pieces. Repeat process on berries and candy canes. Let dry overnight.

  • Shape evergreen wreath by pulling out and fluffing branches.

  • Twist 3 pieces of different fruit together into a cluster. Place fruit clusters into wreath. Twist stems of fruit into branches. Continue around wreath until it is full.

  • Cut each berry stem into 5 or so pieces; each piece should have about 5 berries. Glue berry stems into wreath. Spread berries throughout wreath.

  • Glue candy canes into wreath at an angle so that they stick out from fruits and berries.

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

How to Make a Duck Tape® Rose

How-To Provided by Duck® Brand 

What's more beautiful than a rose? A rose made of Duck Tape. There's no dirt and no thorns to deal with. Plus, you don't ever have to water it.

Give a hand-made Duck Tape rose to someone special and he or she will be stuck to you like...let's just say it'll be appreciated.

Supplies and Tools
•Duck® brand Duct Tape

Optional Supplies and Tools:
Skill Level
Approximate Crafting Time
20 minutes

Step 1
Take your straw and cover it in tape (lengthwise works the best). This step is completed best if you roll the straw across the tape, sticky-side up.
Step 2
Cut several strips of duct tape - about 2 inches each.
Step 3
Sticky side up, fold one edge over itself, leaving some stickiness on the side and bottom.
Step 4
Take the parallel edge and fold it over, leaving only stickiness on the bottom of the strip.
Step 5
Roll this across tightly; this is your center.
Step 6
Insert the center piece from Step 5 into the top of your straw.
Step 7
Repeating Steps 2-4 with strips of duct tape, loosely bind the strips around the center (these are your petals). Make sure to adhere the petals to the both straw and the center piece from Step 4. Continue until you've reached the desired size.
Step 8
For the leaves under the rose, repeat Steps 2 - 4 with the same color that you used for the stem. Wrap these pieces around the stem at the base of the flower to cover up the tape edge.

Monday, November 12, 2012

Grower Direct Winnipeg

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Friday, November 2, 2012

Sympathy Flowers – In the Garden of Peace

Published In The Edmonton Sun - May 2011

Flowers have long been a tradition of symbolism and sympathy at funerals. For centuries, individuals have used flowers to express kindness and compassion to the family of the deceased. However, it was not until the release of the popular hymn, “In the Garden,” composed by C. Austin Miles in 1914, that the idea of the dearly departed coming to rest in a beautiful garden of flowers began to develop. Many funeral homes adopted the concept of an indoor garden as a backdrop for the memorial service and funeral proceedings.

The warmth and spiritual symbolism provided by lovely and fragrant flowers help family and friends to grieve in comfort. Flowers add a delicate sense of beauty and refinement to the service and provide the bereaved with a sense of everlasting rest and beauty. When you send funeral flowers, you are not only expressing your love and support to the family, you are conveying your respect and admiration for the deceased as well. Funeral bouquets and arrangements can symbolize a variety of meanings and expressions, depending upon the types and colors of blooms used.

Colors of Funeral Flowers

The color of flowers you choose for a funeral flower arrangement can be just as important as the type of flowers incorporated into the bouquet. From the deepest red of a fragrant rose to the sunny yellow of a daffodil, each color offers a traditional story of symbolism to convey your respect, love, and admiration to the family, as well as to the departed.

  • Red—Courage, beauty, and admiration are all sentiments that seem to be conveyed with red flowers. This deep and passionate color has long stood as a symbol of highly regarded love and respect.

  • Blue—Blue is most often associated with peacefulness and calm serenity. Funeral flower arrangements containing blue flowers symbolize openness and freedom from anxiety or worry.

  • Pink—Typically associated with women, pink flowers can also serve as a token of respect in funeral bouquets for men. Pink symbolizes gentility, happiness, and grace. It is also a color often associated with youthful joy and innocence.

  • White—White flowers offer feelings of simple beauty, peace, and reverence. Floral arrangements containing white flowers can convey modesty, elegance, and grace.

  • Yellow—Bright and beautiful yellow flowers often express a feeling of joy and friendship. Yellow flowers in a funeral bouquet can convey a message of new beginnings and joyful rest.

  • Orange—Orange flowers stand out to express warmth and compassion. This color is also a symbol of confidence and satisfaction. In funeral flower arrangements, orange flowers might be used to represent a life that was well-lived.

  • Green—Funeral flower arrangements often use greenery to convey a sense of closeness with nature. Foliage or green flowers represent renewal, optimism, and tranquility.

  • Purple—Purple flowers express pride, dignity, and respect. Purple has long been the color associated with royalty, conveying a feeling of admiration and nobility.

Types of Funeral Flowers

From deep red roses to delightfully beautiful irises and lilies, the types of flowers incorporated into funeral flower arrangements can be used to express certain sentiments or messages of hope, love and support. When you find it hard to express your feelings in words, a funeral arrangement filled with an assortment of beautiful blooms can help communicate your thoughts. While a large variety of flowers can be beautifully incorporated into a funeral bouquet, some of the more traditional funeral flowers include lilies, roses, carnations, gladiolus, and iris.

  • Lilies—The lily is perhaps one of the most commonly used flower in funeral arrangements and bouquets. It is often seen as a symbol of restoration of the soul and quiet rest. White lilies are often used to express sympathy and convey a feeling of peace.
  • Roses—Roses are most often used in floral sprays and arrangements provided by the family to rest near the casket. Roses represent admiration, great love, grace, and respect.

  • Carnations—Carnations are also a very popular choice for funeral flower arrangements, as they convey a variety of meanings. A white carnation typically expresses remembrance, while red carnations evoke admiration and respect.

  • Gladiolus—While perhaps not quite as popular as some other types of blooms, gladiolus can be a beautiful addition to a funeral bouquet. Gladiolus represent elegance, strength of character, integrity, and sincerity.

  • Iris—The iris conveys feelings of faith, wisdom, and fearless beauty. In Greek mythology, the goddess of the rainbow was named Iris. She was thought to be responsible for taking the souls of women across the rainbow to the Elysian Fields in death. The iris is often seen as a symbol of deep respect and admiration.

Other Funeral Flowers

While certain colors and types of flowers can be used to express your sentiments and feelings, it is not necessary to use only specific kinds of flowers in funeral bouquets and arrangements. If you happen to know the favorite flower or color of the departed, a floral arrangement using those flowers can convey a beautiful sentiment of remembrance and respect. When words just simply don’t seem to be enough, a beautiful flower arrangement can help you express a sentiment of love.