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Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Buying Flowers For Her

By Rachel Newcombe 

Most women love recieving flowers from the man in their life, especially when they come as a surprise and no subtle hints have been dropped beforehand. But have you ever stopped to consider what his choice of floral gift could signify? Read on to discover the secret language of flowers.


Whether it’s a single stem or a dozen blooms, roses have a long-standing tradition as the flowers to buy on St. Valentine’s Day. “To many people red roses symbolise passion, romance and true love,” said a spokesperson for the Flowers and Plants Association (FPA). “Yet, some people think they also symbolise a lack of originality!” 

If you’ve received roses other than red, a mix of red and white flowers is said to represent unity, white on their own signify charm and innocence, pinks mean happiness and yellows were traditionally given to friends.


Carnations are one of the best-selling forms of cut flowers and, although disregarded as lacking style in the past, are now thought of in a better light. “The botanical name of carnations, Dianthus, means divine flower, and they’re available in a huge range of colours, almost all except blue,” explained the FPA.

According to tradition, what’s meant when you receive carnations depends on the colour of the flower. A deep red shade means, “I admire you,” and a shade of pink means, “I’ll never forget you.” Receiving a yellow flower isn’t quite so great, as it’s traditionally associated as being a form of rejection!


These days chrysanthemum’s come in a host of colours, shapes and sizes. They’re bright and stylish, and a favourite of Madonna’s, and are popular bunched together on their own or in a bouquet of mixed flowers.

Traditionally, a mixed bunch of chrysanthemum’s is thought to reflect cheerfulness and friendship, but red chrysanthemum’s can be used to say, “I love you.”


Stunning Lilies with their heady scent look gorgeous on their own or in a mixed arrangement. Historically, pure white lilies were regarded as being a symbol of purity and the Chinese see them as representing being forever in love. 



Exotic orchids, with their unique look, traditionally represent love, beauty and refinement, so are perfect flower to receive from a lover. Whether you’re given a single orchid or an arrangement of several, it can mean your man has looked beyond the ordinary and found something special for you. 


These delicate tissue-like flowers are part of the buttercup family, but when fully opened up, look similar to roses. They come in a variety of colours, including red, pink, orange, white, yellow and copper, and have stunning dark or yellow centres. 

“The Victorians believed the flowers meant, ‘you are rich in attractions,’” says the FPA, so receiving a bunch of these could mean that a certain someone finds you attractive. 


Freesias rank amongst the world's favourite flowers and are well-loved for their sweet floral scent and array of rainbow colours. Named after a German physician, Dr. Friedrich Heinrich Theodor Freese, the delicate flowers mean ‘sweetness’ and ‘trust.’ So, he could be letting you know he loves and trusts you.

With their fresh, bright colours, tulips are the flowers many people typically associate with spring. But they have other hidden meanings, too. “According to the Victorian language of flowers, red tulips are a declaration of love, making them perfect for Valentine’s Day,” say the FPA. 

So, next time he sends you flowers, take a moment to observe the blooms. You never know, you could get a pleasant surprise!

Top tips for buying flowers – and making better choices

* Before you buy the first bunch of flowers you see, find out what flowers or colours your partner likes and choose flowers appropriately.
* Don’t get carried away – sometimes a single stem or small bouquet is just as great as a huge arrangement.
* Be original – look past red roses and find something perfect for your partner.
* Finally, don’t be embarrassed about buying flowers. According to research from the FPA, women are impressed with guys who buy flowers and see them as caring, generous and sensitive – which is surely an aspect that makes it even more worthwhile!

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