Thursday, July 19, 2012

Pet-Friendly Bouquets

Sending a bouquet or arrangement is always a great gesture, however recipients with pets can pose a bit of a challenge. Many pets can be overly curious over the floral arrangement sitting on the kitchen table, and might even chew some of the blooms or leaves. While many florals might only cause mild indigestion or have poor taste to your pet, some can heed more serious problems. For example, florals such as Stargazer or Tiger Lilies can cause serious kidney problems if ingested by cats. When sending an arrangement to a pet owner, it's always best to choose a pet-friendly bouquet. 

A pet friendly arrangement consists of plants or florals that are not toxic to cats or dogs. Florals such as roses, daisies and orchids are non-toxic, meaning they would be suitable for a household that has cats or dogs. 

For households with cats, Alstromeria is a fantastic substitute to lilies. Also remember to request ferns as greenery instead of baby's breath. When placing your order with a florist, it's a good idea to let them know if the recipient is a pet owner, as they will know which florals to omit from your arrangement.

The ASPCA Animal Poison Control Center is a great resource to learn more about which plants and florals are toxic to our furry friends. It is also important to note the scientific name as well as the common name of plants and florals, as the common names can be shared among multiple species and can carry different characteristics. 

 Many pet owners enjoy the gift of a floral arrangement, however most are unaware of the dangers that beautiful florals can pose for their beloved animals, it's best to take the precaution ahead of time and send an arrangement that is not only beautiful, but safe.

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