Thursday, July 12, 2012

Making Beautiful Pressed Flower Gifts

Now that summer has arrived and the flowers are in full bloom, why not use nature’s florals to make unique gifts for the special people in your life? One of the best ways to capture the beauty of nature in the form of a gift is to create with pressed flowers.
To make pressed flower gifts, you can buy the flowers already pressed at your local craft store or press your own easily at home. To press your own, simply collect flowers from your garden. Place the flowers into a heavy book and close it firmly. Add several books on top to increase the weight. After three days have elapsed, open the book and remove your beautiful pressed flowers. They’re now ready to use your flowers to make pressed flower gifts. 

Here are some pressed flower ideas for gifts:
Pressed flower gifts: Paperweight

Purchase a glass paperweight blank from your local craft store along with some matboard and felt in the color of your choice. Lay the glass paperweight on top of the matboard and trace around the edges with a pencil. Cut out the outline you traced from the matboard and arrange your pressed flowers in a pretty design on its surface. Use clear craft glue to attach the matboard to the underside of the glass paperweight blank so the flowers show from the top of the glass. Cut out a felt circle to cover the matboard on the underside of the paperweight to give a polished, professional look. Admire your finished creation .
Pressed flower gifts: Candles

This simple project makes a unique gift for Mother’s day or any other gift giving occasion. Buy a plain candle in the color of your choice. White and cream candles work very well for this project. Use craft glue to attach pressed flowers in an interesting design on the surface of your candle. Melt some beeswax in a double boiler on your stove and apply it to the surface of your pressed flowers with a paintbrush. This will encase and protect the flowers.
Pressed flower gifts: Laminated bookmarks

Here’s a super quick idea. Buy laminating sheets from your local print shop. Cut out two identical pieces of laminating sheet in the size you want your final bookmark to be. Arrange your pressed flowers in an interesting design on the surface of the sheet. Once you’re pleased with the arrangement, apply your second laminating sheet on top and seal them together. Punch a hole in the center of one end of the laminated pieces. You can use this hole to attach a ribbon or tassel for an added decorative effect. This makes a great gift for a serious reader.
Once you get started, you’ll find lots of other pressed flower ideas that you can use as gifts or to decorate your home or office. Enjoy the many options that pressed flowers offer!


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