Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Fun Facts About Birds Of Paradise

 Amazing Facts about the Bird of Paradise Plant


  • The scientific name of this plant is Strelitzia, pronounced STRE-lit-see-a.
  • The plant was named for Queen Charlotte, wife of King George III. She was of the House of Mecklenburg – Strelitzia.
  • The Bird of Paradise, as it is commonly known, is a tropical herb. It has large oval leaves on long stems. The flowers of the plant are blue and orange and resemble an exotic bird in flight.

  • Bird of Paradise originated in South Africa.
  • It belongs to the banana family.
  • Bird of Paradise blooms from September to the end of May.

  • The long blue tongue is the female part of the flower.
  • Bird of Paradise will thrive in most soils, but fertile loam is best. Soil must be well drained. Over watering will cause root rot.
  • The most flowers are produced along the plant’s periphery. 

  • It takes 3 to 5 years to grow a Bird of Paradise plant from seed.
  • Seeds must be soaked in water and nicked in order to germinate because the shell of the seed is extremely hard.
  • Bird of Paradise plants are usually pest free. Check for aphids on occasion.  
  • Though Bird of Paradise is a tropical plant, it can withstand temperatures as low as 24 degrees Fahrenheit, though flowers and buds will be damaged.
  • Bird of Paradise is grown commercially in California and Hawaii.

By Mary M. Alward



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