Thursday, June 21, 2012

Roses, Again?

By Avantika

Whether it is Valentine's Day, a birthday, wedding anniversary or any celebration, people usually choose roses when placing an order for flower arrangements. If you would like something unique and original, consider placing an order for the following flowers when you are next at your florist’s shop.

From the ‘Helianthus’ genus of flowers, the sunflower has around 65 species. Originally from America, the sunflower is actually, ‘a head of numerous small, tubular flowers surrounded by a fringe of large yellow petals’. The central disk, which contains the tubular flowers, can be yellow, brown or purple in colour. You might be asking yourself, “How can a sunflower possibly be romantic?” Well, consider this: on any given day, even if the sun is barely peeping out from behind the clouds, a sunflower will turn to face the sun. Imagine your loved one giving you a bouquet of sunflowers and saying something along the lines of, “You remind me of sunflowers. When I am miserable, I turn to you because you are my ray of sunshine. You always brighten my day.” 

Orchids are said to belong to the largest and most diverse plant. The most famous orchid is the ‘Vanilla Orchid’; vanilla is extracted from this plant and used in food. There are over 35,000 species of orchids with many more hybrids in the world. Orchids were difficult to cultivate and often perceived as a ‘rich man’s plant’. Fortunately, because of modern propagation techniques, orchids have become more affordable. Now available in all colours of the rainbow, choose an orchid that is a favourite colour of your loved one and you will present flowers that have a reputation of being both opulent and glamorous.

The Tuberose is also known as ‘polianthes tuberosa’. Although the word ‘rose’ appears as part of its name, the tuberose is in a different genus from roses. It has a long green stem with white flowers. A suitable arrangement of tuberoses often features groups of the flowers placed in a glass vase. In many Asian countries, the tuberose is weaved into marriage garlands and form part of the floral decorations for the bridal bedchamber. Next time, present your loved one with an arrangement of tuberoses and the haunting scent of this flower, very much like a jasmine flower, will ensure that you are not easily forgotten. 

Conca D’Or Lilies
Most of the time, people associate lilies with wreaths for funerals and death; perhaps, this is because the most common lilies in the market are white in colour. This is, however, a misconception because there are many varieties of lilies with many different colours. A popular choice today is the ‘Conca D’Or Lily’. ‘Its petals are lemon-yellow in the centre and pale white at the edges.’  The scent of this flower is intoxicating and spicy; in addition, the flower does not wilt for many days. You do not have to buy a dozen stems of this flower to make a beautiful arrangement. Place two stalks, which might give you up to five blooms, in a glass vase and it will be enough to brighten anyone’s mood for many days. 

Next time you are at the florist’s shop, opt buying roses as a gift for your loved one. Instead, present a bouquet that features any of the flowers mentioned above. You will not only pique the interest of your loved one, but leave a lasting impression of the effort you made to choose a unique gift.

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