Friday, June 1, 2012

Flowers For New Mothers

When a new baby arrives, it's always a good idea to send flowers to the family to show you're thinking of them during this exciting time. 

If you are sending the flowers to the hospital, there are a few important details you will need to ensure a trouble-free delivery:
  • The name of the hospital
  • The patient's name
  • Room number (if possible)
  • When you want the flowers to be delivered
It is also good to know if the hospital has a policy regarding flowers. For instance, most urgent care and intensive care units do not allow flowers. Sometimes hospital rooms have certain display areas for flowers, but they must be a specified size. Canada Floral Delivery should be able to help you confirm this information. 

When selecting flowers to the hospital, arrangements that have long lasting flowers would probably be appreciated more. Roses and lilies are probably not the best choices for hospitals as they tend to die quicker and lilies can be overly aromatic. Arrangements with Daisys, Alstroemeria and Carnations would be good choices.

Many people worry about sending the perfect arrangement for the new baby, whether it be a very sweet pink arrangement for a new girl, or a blushing blue arrangement for a new boy. However the new flowers are really being sent for the new mother, as a congratulations for the new arrival. Neutral colours such as orange and red are safe choices for either gender, and something bright and colourful usually expresses the joy of the occassion.

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