Thursday, November 4, 2010

Christmas Flowers

Christmas Floral Ideas

Enjoy the Christmas Holiday More with Festive Flowers
by beconrad
The right flowers can make any occasion sparkle, and that is certainly true of the Christmas holidays.  The Christmas season is a time for fun and celebration, and a time for many wonderful flowers as well. . Even though the summer growing season is long past by the time Christmas rolls around, there are a number of flowers designed to make the holiday even more special and memorable
No doubt the flower most associated with the holiday season is the poinsettia, and this colorful flower is always a favorite at this time of year.  Beyond the traditional red variety, these colorful flowers now come in an array of whites, pinks, and yellows, making them a great compliment for virtually any holiday decorating scheme.
The Christmas cactus also makes its appearance this time of year, providing a wonderful display of color in an easy to care for plant.  And the good news is that both the Christmas cactus and the poinsettia can be cared for and nurtured during the off season so that they can bloom again when Christmas rolls around again.

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