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Friday, October 26, 2012

Flowers of The Month

The Edmonton Sun - June, 2011

Many individuals are aware of their birth stone. However, each month also has at least one flower that has a specific meaning for individuals born during that month.

The carnation is one of January's flowers. The color of the carnation is said to determine the meaning of the individual flower. White carnations are associated with purity, love, and luck. Pink carnations are a symbol of femininity and motherly love. Striped or purple carnations are rarely associated with the birth flowers because purple is linked to impulsive behavior and striped carnations are linked to regret.

The snowdrop is the less common alternate January birth flower. Interestingly, a substance in the snowdrop is used in Alzheimer's treatments.

Enduring faith and wisdom are represented by the iris for those born in February. Irises also come in a variety of colors, but less emphasis is placed on individual meaning for each color.

Violets are popular flowers, partly due to the heart-shaped petals. These plants have many uses, including use as decorations and as food additives.

The primrose, another February flower, grows expansively across open ground and blooms earlier than many of the spring blooming plants.

Daffodils are an ideal birth flower due to their association with beginnings. In some cultures, the additional meaning of rebirth also adds to the daffodil's symbolism.

The alternate birth flower for March, the jonquil, is a variation of the daffodil that has been cultivated to have certain visual differences.

The daisy, more than many other flowers, is associated with childhood and innocence. The different colors represent various meanings, such as playfulness and cheer.

The sweet pea, April’s alternate birth flower, is a resilient climbing plant that begins to bloom during the month of April.

Lilies are associated with many of the aspects of a newborn child, including virtue and sweetness. The white Madonna lily has been associated with the story of the Virgin Mary.

The meaning of the hawthorn, another May birth flower, is attributed to the flower's natural uses. Animals and insects feed on various parts of the flower, which reflects sustenance. Substances derived from the plant have been used to treat illnesses related to the heart, reflecting good health and endurance.

The ever popular rose is one of the June birth flowers. The different colors all possess different meaning, including red for love and white for purity.

Another June flower, honeysuckle, is also associated with love.

Larkspur lacks the seriousness of many birth symbols. It is associated with lightness and playfulness.

The water lily, another July flower, possesses a seed that can remain viable for up to 2,000 years.

The beautiful gladiola symbolizes infatuation. The additional meanings of strength and integrity are also associated with this bold flower, which derives its name from the Latin word for "sword."

The poppy, a resilient flower that is also an August birth flower, stands for fertility, eternal life, and lasting beauty. These flowers are a favorite for everyday occurrences and memorials.

Strength of body, mind, and spirit are linked to the aster. Some cultures have also used the aster to recognize a fallen soldier's bravery.

The morning glory, which blooms in the morning and dies before the next day begins, symbolizes affection.

Like morning glories, marigolds also symbolize affection. Due to the flower’s association with the Virgin Mary, grace and elegance are also portrayed by the morning glory.

Cosmos is a flower linked to harmony, possibly due to the ease of growing the plant and integrating the flower into a garden.

November only has one flower. The flower for November is the chrysanthemum. The flower has been connected to the sun and happiness. Upon blooming, the petals unfold in an orderly fashion, leading some cultures to associate the flower with perfection.

A plant associated with December, as well as with winter in general, is the poinsettia. The poinsettia symbolizes cheer and joy.

Narcissus, another December birth flower, is associated with sweetness and self-esteem.

Holly, a holiday and winter flower, symbolizes happiness in the home and protection from evil spirits.


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