Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Your Wedding Bouquet

What are your wedding bouquet options? Practically unlimited! Wedding bouquets are an ancient tradition, meant to symbolize fertility, happiness and a new life. All those values and more are embodied by the thousands of choices available today.

A traditional wedding bouquet might be made of roses gathered in a bunch and held by the stems. But even within this familiar choice there are hundreds of stellar varieties. Roses themselves come in red, pink, yellow, white and even black. The flower size ranges from huge American Beauty roses to tiny, delicate Dog Rose.

Naturally, as wedding ceremonies have evolved, the variety of flowers used has expanded. It now includes everything that has ever been used in history: Hydrangea, Carnation, Tulip, Calla Lily and many more.

Beyond the choice of species, wedding bouquets come in a number of styles.

Cascades are a traditional, but still highly popular, type. Whether Stephanotis or White Roses, they spill down into a waterfall of loveliness. Another classic is the Hand-Tied that resemble a group of blooms that have just been picked. These are particularly popular in Spring.

The Pomander looks like a large ball of blooms suspended from a ribbon. They're a great choice for anyone in any season, whether made from Peonies or any other species. The Biedermeier is a nosegay made of concentric circles of varying species that makes for a very colorful display.

Beyond these ball or circular designs there is yet one more option: the Arm bouquet or Sheath. These are long-stemmed and drape across the forearm, rather than being carried in the hands. Calla Lilies or Orchids make for an excellent species for this choice.

Fabric or other materials can be chosen to compliment or match the wedding gown. Sometimes, they can be created from the actual material of the gown itself. Or, designers can create a deliberate contrast by using material of a complimentary color, created by dyeing the fabric.

The choices available for wedding bouquets is as great as the imagination of designers and brides. And that's pretty vast.

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