Wednesday, November 2, 2011

How To Make Perfume From Flowers

Applying a beautiful smelling fragrance can be a real mood lifter but the synthetic perfumes you buy at the drugstore and department store are not only expensive but also contain a variety of chemicals that are thought to be harmful to health. One way to avoid the chemicals and still enjoy fragrance is to make your own perfume from flowers. If you grow your own flowers, you already have a source for making your own natural perfume. If not, you can buy the flower petals of your choice at your local florist or even ask a neighbor if you can borrow some of their unused petals. Be sure to take them some of the perfume you make to thank them for their kindness. Here’s how to make perfume from flowers:
Ingredients needed:
One and one-half cups flower blossoms of your choice
Two cups of distilled water
Aluminum pot
Glass perfume bottle
Make perfume from flowers: Gather your ingredients
You can use any of a variety of flower petals to make your own perfume. You can be a purist and use the blossoms from a single flower or mix blossoms from several flowers to create your own unique signature fragrance. To make your first perfume, you’ll need around a cup and a half of flower blossoms. Choose blossoms that haven’t been sprayed. If you buy them from a florist or gardening center, verify with them that they’re free of chemicals or pesticides.
Make perfume from flowers: Prepare your blossoms
Place your chosen flower blossoms into the aluminum pan along with two cups of distilled water. Turn the heat on high and allow your water to come to a complete boil. Once the water boils, turn down the heat to keep the temperature just below the boiling point. Allow the mixture to simmer for two and a half hours.
Make perfume from flowers: Prepare your perfume
Once the mixture has simmered for the allotted time, turn the heat down and allow your flower water to cool. Place cheesecloth into a funnel and slowly strain the flower water through the cheesecloth several times until all of the pulp is removed. Transfer your freshly made perfume to a pretty glass perfume bottle to enjoy at a later time.
Making perfume from flowers is so easy and inexpensive that you’ll never go back to the chemical laden perfumes that abound at your local department and drugstores. Keep in mind that homemade perfume without preservatives will have a shorter shelf life. Homemade, all natural perfume in a decorative bottle also makes a thoughtful gift for almost any occasion. Don’t forget to keep several bottles of your homemade perfume handy for your own enjoyment. 
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